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Government Might Pass a Law Leading the Way for Britain to Leave the European Union Within Weeks

Government Might Pass a Law Leading the Way for Britain to Leave the European Union Within Weeks

The Government could pass a law paving the way for Britain to leave the European Union throughout weeks, and not wait on a Supreme Court ruling, ministers have recommended.

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, confessed that legislation might go through Parliament prior to the Supreme Court decides whether to uphold a High Court ruling that Parliament should have a say on the moment Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is triggered.

The news came as Theresa May, the Prime Minister, admitted that the Supreme Court could dictate whether the degree of scrutiny MPs and peers will have if the Government loses its appeal.

MPs put pressure on Mr. Davis to speed up the Brexit procedure in the wake of the High Court judgment that MPs and peers should have a vote on when to trigger the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Nicky Morgan, the former Education secretary, advised Mr. Davis in a Commons argument to agree to a “one line Bill licensing the triggering of Article 50”.

Mr. Davis admitted that he was “extremely tempted”, before including: “We do have to finish the tests in the court that are required to establish the law.”.

Oliver Letwin, the former Cabinet Office minister, likewise asked if Mr. Davis “agreed that due to that it would be possible for both Houses of Parliament to amend their treatments in such as way regarding bring forward an Act and Bill, and to pass that long prior the Supreme Court judgment”. Mr. Davis responded: “Yes.”.

Sources near to Mr. Davis stressed later that Mr. Davis and the Government remained focused on winning the interest the Supreme Court.

Mr. Davis stated he “deplored” the attacks on Gina Miller, the female who led the historic Brexit lawsuit, and suggested the abuse was “criminal”.

He stated: “They sound to me to be effectively criminal attacks, just because incitement of violence, hazards of violence, racial abuse, are all criminal activities.”.

The Brexit Secretary also struck out at attempts by Labor MPs to secure a second referendum and declared that they were trying to “wreck” Brexit.

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